When Tuckpointing Chicago Brickwork is Necessary


All masonry will need tuckpointing at some point during its lifespan. But what exactly is tuckpointing? Tuckpointing consists of old mortar being scraped away, and the joint in your brickwork being filled in with new mortar. The mortar helps hold your masonry structure together and also makes it more water resistant. When tuckpointing is needed, it is best to find tuckpointing contractors Chicago can depend on: someone who has years of experience in the field. In the case of tuckpointing Chicago brickwork, it is best performed early. If you start to notice cracks or gaps in the mortar, or any crumbling, it may be time to contact a contractor you trust. Leaving masonry untreated after the appearance of warning signs can be problematic, because the necessary repairs can become unmanageable. Tuckpointing is often needed at least once ever twenty five years or so, sometimes more frequently if the masonry is exposed to intense weather often. In Chicago, masonry can deal with extreme heat and humidity as well as extreme cold and ice. With masonry structures able to last centuries, tuckpointing becomes majorly important. When in doubt, reach out to a contractor who knows Chicago and its brickwork for their opinion.

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