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VILLA Masonry Contractors Chicago Brick Repair Chicago

A full range of brick repair and masonry services in Chicago

We provide high-quality brick repair and window caulking services in Chicago, recognized through great workmanship and professional teamwork. Our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors take on the most difficult projects, as we are experienced and care for customer satisfaction. Our company specializes in providing service for residential, commercial and industrial properties in Chicagoland, concentrating on new masonry construction, window caulking, brick repair and powerwashing. We are certain that you will be completely satisfied with our contractors’ quality of work, as we strive to provide you with the fastest and most efficient service, at the most affordable price.

VILLA Masonry Contractors Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago has over 15 years of experience in the masonry and brick repair industry. Whether it is an outdoor get together or an inside cozy night by the fire place, we can help you “make it happen”. From brick repair to powerwashing, brickworks to stoneworks, window caulking – our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors Chicago can do it all!
We are confident that our customers will be 100% satisfied with our commitment to excellence in service, product, and pricing. We are dedicated to give you the best available product at the best available price. VILLA Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago is the best choice for any brick repair works your building may need!

Masonry Contractors Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago Services


Masonry Contractors Chicago

Masonry contractors provide a very durable form of construction – masonry. Thus, it is extremely important to use the highest quality materials and workmanship. VILLA Masonry Contractors Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago, IL, always strive to use the best quality of brick repair materials and effective masonry contractors Chicago, as the company assures a durable and satisfying final product.

Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago

Tuckpointing contractors provide professional tuckpointing services. It is very critical, as it keeps water from entering the brick wall cavity. If water gets past the mortar and into the wall, the brick may crack or fall off. That’s why it ‘s crucial to call us, Chicago’s most trusted tuckpointing contractors Chicago to do the job right.


 Masonry Grinding Services Chicago

Grinding is recommended before tuckpointing, as it gives a clean and stronger foundation for the new mortar. VILLA Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago always makes sure that all of the existing vertical and horizontal joints are grinded as required with special routing power tools, designed to remove existing mortar, without unduly damaging the edges of abutting masonry. Special grinders and vacuums are used to prevent most of the dust from escaping into the air.

Masonry Restoration Chicago

Whether you are dealing with an old building or a new one, your masonry is not only meant to hold the bricks together, it should look good too. That’s why VILLA Masonry Restoration Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago offers the best masonry restoration Chicago and the surrounding areas have ever seen. Our masonry restoration Chicago contractors are experienced professionals that can make your building look its best.


 Brick Repair Chicago

The masonry on your building is the first barrier of protection against water and weather. When it begins to break down, it’s time to call for our brick repair Chicago services. We are the brick repair Chicago company that can fix that worn down or damaged brickwork so it can continue doing its job of keeping your building intact and protected from leaks. We have expert brick repair Chicago contractors ready to help.


How We Work

Contact us

The first step is to get in touch with our crew to go over your team to discuss the details of your brick repair & masonry contractors project details, like expectations, complexities, and timelines.

On-Site Visit

When we visit your home, we will evaluate your situation and provide a complimentary, detailed, transparent estimate that allows you to prepare properly. It is essential that we completely comprehend your needs in order to deliver high quality brick repair & masonry contractors services.

Installation Design

As a leader among masonry contractors Chicago residents trust, we will provide you with a customized proposal that includes a comprehensive plan, created based on our professional evaluation as well as your input.

Project Implementation

Together, we will select both a date and a timeline for the execution and completion of your brick repair & masonry contractors project. We will adhere to them!

The bottom line

Feedback from our customers is incredibly important to us. As professional brick repair & masonry contractors Chicago, we will make sure your area is left totally clean after your job has been completed.

Why Choose Villa Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago for your next brick repair job

At Villa Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors, we have built a reputation for offering the best masonry repair in Chicago for a number of reasons.

Unbeatable Customer Service

Whether we are working on a residential or commercial property, we take great care of your building with the utmost professionalism. You can always expect friendly brick repair service from VILLA Masonry Contractors & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago.

Many Years of Experience

Every one of our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago has years of experience. That’s how we can ensure you are receiving the highest level of performance for your brick repair and powerwashing needs.

It Starts with a Free Estimate

Because we want no surprises, we provide free detailed estimates on every brick repair, window caulking and powerwashing in Chicago, allowing you to stay within your budget.



Our commitment to providing excellent quality service has earned us many valuable, consistent customers. Check out what they have to say!

"VILLA is probably the most professional tuckpointing company in Chicago. The customer service is excellent. They take into consideration everything a client says, and their contractors are always happy and very quick. I recommend them for any masonry and tuckpointing jobs you might have!" James Serna
"I had some bad experiences with masonry companies in Chicago in the past, but VILLA proved me wrong. They were happily answering my questions, and the contractors were very friendly folks, too. I will definitely call them for powerwashing and brick repair soon!" Amanda Jones
"Villa Masonry & Tuckpointing contractors of Chicago are top of the line. They analyzed our crumbling chimney and then had it in tip top shape in no time for a very reasonable price." Tony Jackson
"Best masonry contractors around! We purchased an old brick home that needed com work. Not any more! Their tuckpointing took care of the issues and left it good as new." Tim Jones
"We needed masonry repair for our Chicago fireplace and chimney. The tuckpointing contractors at Villa Masonry & Tuckpointing are experienced and skilled. Not only does their work look great, it works much better." Natalie Miller
"Our brick home in Chicago needed complete masonry restoration. The team from Villa Masonry & Tuckpointing did an outstanding job. We feared that we needed complete replacement but they rescued everything through tuckpointing." Joe Rodriguez
"I was unfamiliar with tuckpointing but am no longer. The chimney at our Chicago home had deteriorated. They inspected our property and repaired the issue by way of tuckpointing. I would recommend their services." Sophie Harris
"We had an amazing experience working with this company! The tuckpointing contractors made sure all of our tuckpointing needs were met in a timely and professional manner. We are definitely looking forward to working with these gentlemen in the future for our upcoming projects." Michael Thomas
"Not only did their masonry restoration team perform quality work but it was also clearly evident that they are really passionate about what they do. The masonry contractors that we collaborated with were polite and a true joy to work with. I recommend this company to anybody searching." Denice Carto
"Every suggestion they made for our project turned out to be exactly what we needed to turn our vision into reality. Their brick repair service is done by experienced professionals who have been in the industry for a long time and really understand every step of the process. " Jenny Siddall
"The resources and machinery they used to take care of our power washing needs were top of the line. They went the extra mile in ensuring that our property looked as good as new. The contractors gave quality insight and had a superior vision of how everything would come together." Mitchell Setty
"Our home was in need of chimney restoration work fast and this company was able to fit us into their schedule not long after we contacted them. The free estimate they gave was accurate and at a price we couldn’t refuse. Our results are better than we ever could have imagined." Miguel Fontel