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 Lintel Replacement

As many forms of construction, lintels start to decay over time, requiring lintel replacement. If lintels are overlooked for a long time, more water will pour inside from the outside, making it more possible for the wall to collapse. To properly install or replace a lintel, one should remember about all the materials that will help water drain from the wall properly. Call us now for professional lintel replacement and lintel installation in Chicago, IL.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lintel Replacement Villa Masonry & Tuckpointing Experts Chicago

How can I tell when Lintel Replacement is needed?

Your lintels should be solid, straight, and level. Plus, there should only be a minimal seam between the lintel steel and the building brick. Gaps between the brick and the lintel may indicate that the steel is substandard, requiring at minimum, lintel repair. You may also find that the lintel is rolling out or sagging. These scenarios would absolutely require lintel replacement.

What is a LINTEL and what does it do?

A lintel, which is the horizontal architectural placement of a steel beam above a window or doorway on a structure, offers the necessary support for the weight of the materials above such an opening. But load bearing may only be the primary function that a lintel replacement company intends, as, at times, it serves merely as a decorative feature.

Why is lintel replacement necessary?

In monitoring your exterior masonry, you can spot the signs of a deteriorating lintel quickly, saving you money in repairs as a result of major structural instability. Bear in mind that as a wall is compromised to require more than just a lintel repair, a structural engineer may be necessary for the lintel replacement process. As a result, the cost of the lintel replacement may increase significantly, but it may end up being unavoidable. In seeing anything on your masonry that resembles what we have described on our website, make sure you contact our lintel replacement company as soon as possible to avoid further structural damage or bodily harm.