Here at VILLA Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, we provide it all: fireplace repair, fireplace restoration, and fireplace rebuild services Chicago property owners prefer. We provide services for both outdoor and indoor fireplaces. Fireplaces can deteriorate as time passes due to constant use and exposure to the elements. Chicago fireplaces are up against a wide variety of severe weather, specifically when they are located outside. With the chimney playing the role of the access point, even indoor fireplaces may be at risk to exposure to the elements.

Maintaining fireplaces in proper repair is wise, as fireplaces that are in disrepair may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or smoke-filled homes. Our restoration services assist in returning life to a damaged or old fireplace. Additionally, we can assist you in making the transition from a standard wood burning fireplace to a gas choice. In cases where disrepair is severe, we offer our fireplace rebuild services as well. This delivers you a brand new fireplace where you can enjoy warmth as well as the sound of a crackling log on a chilly winter night.

Common Causes of Fireplace Repair

Each fireplace will eventually require repairs. In certain cases, the issue is related closer to the chimney than the fireplace. Numerous things can go wrong with your fireplace. Below are a few of the most common fireplace problem causes:

  • Chimney: although these structures do not appear complicated, chimneys are quite complex. Chimneys are meant to maintain your family and home safe from water, smoke, heat, and the elements. If at some point, an issue occurs within a stack, the  results may be devastating. Regular maintenance is crucial when it comes to keeping your chimney in good condition. This involves cleanings (chimney sweepings), repointing, annual inspections, and more. In certain cases, damage may be so severe that it requires total reconstruction. Whatever problems occur, our expert team is prepared to get started putting your fireplace back in working condition.
  • Damper Issues: your damper may fail to open if it becomes caked in soot. A cracked or broken damper may trap smoke inside your home, incapable of escaping through the chimney.
  • Flue Issues: a damaged flue should be replaced to keep the fireplace working correctly.
  • Structural issues: as time passes, deterioration may occur in even the best-built fireplaces. When this occurs, your masonry may have to be either replaced or reinforced. No matter if you require basic pointing or a total brick overhaul, our team knows just what is needed in order to make it safe to use your fireplace again and bring it up to code.

Why Select Villa Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago for your next fireplace repair Chicago property owners trust or fireplace restoration Chicago residents recommend

At Villa Masonry Chicago & Tuckpointing Contractors, we have developed a positive reputation by providing the best fireplace repair in Chicago for a variety of reasons.

Unmatched Customer Service

No matter if we are working on a commercial or residential property, we meticulously care for your building with the ultimate professionalism. You can expect consistent, friendly fireplace repair service from VILLA Masonry & Tuckpointing Chicago.

Numerous Years of Experience

Each of our fireplace contractors in Chicago has many years of experience. In this way, we can make sure you receive the highest level of performance available for your fireplace needs.

It Begins with a Free Estimate

No one wants to be surprised under these circumstances, so we are certain to first offer free, comprehensive estimates for every fireplace repair or fireplace restoration in Chicago, helping you to remain within your budget