VILLA Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, IL

In the city of Chicago, masonry is everywhere. From brickwork to stonework, Chicago was rebuilt as a brick city following the Great Chicago Fire. Though durable, brick (and especially the mortar that holds it together) does not last forever. This makes tuckpointing extremely important. It prolongs the life of brickwork.


The Basics of Tuckpointing in Chicago


So what is tuckpointing? Tuck pointing is a very common repair performed on stone and brick structures. It can also be performed as an aesthetic service. As a repair, it is often preventative in nature.
Tuckpointing consists of old mortar being scraped out to a certain depth from a structure and then filled in with new mortar. This replaces old, crumbling, or cracking mortar with a fresh substance. Experts must choose the proper mortar type when tuckpointing. Mortar that is too strong can put undue pressure on some bricks. Brand new mortar helps keep the structure looking good and structurally sound.

Tuckpointing Chicago Cost


Tuckpointing is a cost effective repair. But having tuckpointing performed can save you money in the long run. It can help prevent more extreme repairs down the line from the entire structure crumbling. Prices will vary from tuckpointing contractor to contractor, so be sure to give a few different companies a call to compare rates. An average rate tends to be $5-6 per square foot. When you get to a higher place on the structure, the rates will often be a bit higher. The labor and set up make up the majority of the costs, with materials making up the rest.


When should you call for tuckpointing contractors


It is best to call a tuckpointing expert well before major repairs are needed. Examine your brickwork or stonework. How does the mortar look? If there are cracks, discoloration, chunks missing, or visible crumbling, it is time to call a contractor. They can take a look and tell you if tuckpointing is necessary at that point. It is always best to perform tuckpointing early on, that way it can help you save yourself from additional costly repairs down the line. It is best to do a little preventative work rather than having to rebuild when the structure begins to disintegrate. Contact us and we will take care of your wall or chimney.