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We believe that in this fast-paced, challenging world there is no time for mistakes. People want to have their things done in the blink of an eye, and this is where BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL steps in. Hundreds of clients that we have already served agree that we do our job as best as we can! We have 18 years’ experience in masonry repair and brickwork repair in Chicago. That is why we can ensure that we manage to complete even the most demanding masonry repair and brick repair tasks in Chicago. To get it done well and quickly we always use only professional tools and equipment that perfectly match your brick repair needs. Our highly qualified crew always make sure that you get what you need. If you need a masonry repair in Chicago or a brick repair in Chicago, do not hesitate to give us a call, we guarantee that we can help you!

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Is your masonry damaged? Don’t worry! We are here to help. We will easily restore your favorite masonry to its former glory with our experience and our passion. In our years of service, we have performed many masonry repairs, to the delight of our customers. We are very pleased to see their satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the main aim of BART Masonry Repair Chicago & Brick Repair Chicago. Ready to receive your FREE masonry repair estimate? Contact us today!

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Bricks can easily be damaged by unpleasant weather conditions. Heavy rain and strong wind can have an extremely negative impact on your bricks. When you notice a decline in your brick quality, contact BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL Professionals immediately. For a FREE brick repair estimate, contact us today!

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BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL Professionals offer highly specialized brickwork services of all types. From interior brickwork to exterior masonry services, you can trust BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL.

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Brick Repair and Masonry Repair in Chicago, IL

If you walk through Chicago, you may notice a lot of brickwork and masonry. When it comes to masonry repair in Chicago, mortar is a big component. Oftentimes, the bricks themselves do not need to be repaired. Rather, the process of tuckpointing can come into play. Tuckpointing is removing old mortar and refilling with new mortar.

But what exactly is mortar? It’s a material used to bind together building materials. It is generally composed of sand, water, and a binding material. The binding material is often concrete or lime.

Chicago brickwork is very unique from other areas. So as the brick repair in Chicago is different. After the Great Chicago Fire, the city was rebuilt in brick. Specifically, a type of brick called the Chicago Common Brick is often used. This type of brick requires a softer mortar than other bricks or it may be damaged and you will need brick repair. As such, the mortar is often composed of lime. This mortar can turn into limestone overtime, making it a very durable form of mortar.

Keep an eye on your masonry, particularly on the mortar. If you see crumbling mortar, it is time to call in a professional. Letting it go for to long could lead to crumbling structures. If you catch it soon enough, it can be a minor repair.

For excellent brick repair in Chicago, IL contact BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL Specialists. We know Chicago bricks and will get your job done well. Chicago’s masonry is a historic feature of the Windy City. We want it to look it’s best and help you in the process.

BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, IL: A Great Choice for all Your
Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Needs

Chicago is abundant with masonry and brickwork. These will often need repair, whether due to basic maintenance and preventative needs or a more major event. When it is time to have that brick repair performed, Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair is the best place to go! Bart’s contractors and chosen from only the most highly qualified brickwork professionals in the region. With our help, we can fix brickwork/ brick structures and make them seem brand new.

It is important to choose only the best masons when it comes to Chicago bricks, as depending on the types of brick your property or structure is composed of, the type of mortar used in brick repairs is extremely important. The Chicago common brick requires a different mortar than the other bricks repair that followed their discontinuation. Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair knows the distinction, and you can trust us to perform high quality work at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on our customer service and high quality masonry services, whether in building new structures or performing repairs. Give us a call and we can discuss your masonry needs. Brick Repair is more than just our job, we love it! Don’t go for mediocre, get great masonry repair with BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicagor!

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When you have cracked brick, missing bricks or general masonry repair that needs to be done, you should always trust an expert to ensure the job is done right the first time. At BART Brick Repair Chicago & Masonry Repair Chicago, we have been doing masonry repair and brick repair work in the Chicago area for years and have established ourselves as one of the best and most trusted brick repair providers in the Chicago area.
The service technicians and customer service representatives that you work with understand that while you have brick repairs that need to be done, you also have to be conscious of budget. At your consultation, we can go over what brick repairs you need and what your options are for masonry repair for the best possible result at a great price. When you are having brick repaired, the contractor should take into account the current condition and materials and brick type your brick wall is made of in order to make a seamless brick repair. At BART Masonry Repair Chicago & Brick Repair Chicago, we have the know-how, knowledge and experience to get the closest match possible to your current brick work using our top of the line products and brick repair procedures.
When you work with BART Masonry Repair Chicago & Brick Repair Chicago for your brick repairs, you will always be working with courteous professionals that treat your repair project with the individualized attention it deserves. From your initial consultation with a BART Masonry Repair Chicago & Brick Repair Chicago customer service representative, to signing off on the project with an experienced BART Masonry Repair Chicago & Brick Repair Chicago brick layer; you will always be working with an expert in brick repair to ensure the best possible outcome on your brick repair project.